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Re: Aloha!

Date: 15 Mar 2000
Time: 13:21:31
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Dear Hawaii Coral Reef Network:

My class at Nuuanu Elementary School is studying reef life in school. Could you help our group find some answers on fireworms?

How do fireworms have babies? Do they lay eggs? How do fireworms get born?

What do fireworms eat? Can they chew?

We know that fireworms sting but do they also bite?

Do fireworms sleep?

How do fireworms move? Do they swim or walk?

How do firewworms breathe in water?

Why does a fireworm stay under rocks?

Do the fireworms just stay under rocks? When we went on a reef walk with our class, the fireworms did not move. Are they stuck there?

Can fireworms hear? Do they have ears?

Do fireworms have any enemies?

Can fireworms see? How do they know where they are going?

Thank you for your help. A lot of the research that our group did, did not answer our questions. The research books and internet said the same thing about the bad stings or were too hard for us to read.


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