Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Field guides for fishes

Shore Fishes of Hawai'i  by John E. Randall

A scientifically accurate description of all common species. Information on diet included.

Hawaii's Fishes: A Guide for Snorkelers, Divers, and Aquarists by John P. Hoover

Provides excellent pictures of all common reef fishes in Hawai'i. 

Hawaiian Reef Fish : The Identification Book by Casey Mahaney Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes by John E. Randall
Micronesian Reef Fishes, A Comprehensive Guide to the Identification of the Coral Reef Fishes of the Tropical Central and Western Pacific  by Robert F. Myers

Many fishes here that also occur in Hawaii

Sharks of Hawaii : Their Biology and Cultural Significance by Leighton Taylor
Seabirds of Hawaii : Natural History and Conservation by Craig S. Harrison

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Last update: 6/12/2002