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Field guides for invertebrates

Hawaii's Sea Creatures, a Guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates by John P. Hoover

The definitive book for marine invertebrates in Hawai'i. Filled with colorful photos and accurate description.

Coral Reef Animals of the Indo-Pacific : Animal Life from Africa to Hawaii Exclusive of the Vertebrates
by Terrence M. Gosliner, David W. Behrens, Gary C. Williams
Tropical Pacific Invertebrates by Charles Arneson, Patrick L. Colin Shells of Hawaii by E. Alison Kay, Olive Schoenberg-Dole
Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific by J.E.N. Veron CORALS: A Quick Reference Guide by Julian Sprung
Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii : Protozoa Through Ctenophora by Dennis M. Devaney & L.G. Eldredge (Editors)
Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii : Section 2, Platyhelmithes Through Phoronida and Section 3, Sipuncula Through Annelida by Dennis M. Devaney & L.G. Eldredge (Editors)
Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide by Gerald R. Allen & Roger Steene

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