Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Corals of Hawai'i

Family Pocilloporidae

Pocillopora  Close-up of Pocillopora
General description: branching colonies; calices crowded together on wart-like projections (verrucae) and connected by a network of common walls, ridges, seams, or grooves.

Pocillopora damicornis - lace coral  P. damicornis
Growth form: finely branched with many divisions; branches not thicker than a pencil; colonies small, up to 15 cm; bushy-shaped; light to dark brown.
Fine structure: septa and columella poorly developed; walls of terminal calices flare outward.
Habitat: protected areas in shallow water.

Pocillopora eydouxi - elkhorn coral  P. eydouxi
Growth form: large (up to 80 cm) with thick, cylindrical, vertical branches that lack divisions; brown.
Fine structure: calices have distinct septa and columella.
Habitat: wave-exposed areas, generally deeper than 10 m.

Pocillopora meandrina - cauliflower coral  P. meandrina
Growth form: heavy, leaf-like branches often forked near the end; brown to pink.
Fine structure: septa and columella poorly developed; calyx irregularly shaped.
Habitat: wave-exposed areas, generally shallower than 10 m.


Last update: 1/25/2005