Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Corals of Hawai'i

Family Poritidae

General description: calices 5-sided polygons; well developed septa and columella give "snowflake" appearance.

Porites compressa - finger coral P. compressa
Growth form: finger-like branching with porous skeleton; tips of branches usually blunt or flattened; light-brown to yellow.
Fine structure: calices flush with surface; upper septa surface looks like elevated rods.
Habitat: wave-protected areas, 0-50 m.

Porites evermanni P. evermanni
Growth form: resembles P. lobata by forming low, flat-topped or cube-like lobes with rounded edges; gray, brown, or purple.
Fine structure: septa made up of thin plates that form a continuous porous surface; calyx walls form a ring.
Habitat: wave-exposed reef flats.

Porites lobata - lobe coral P. lobata
Growth form: branches form large lobes, never thin or finger-like; colonies may be huge, covering several meters or more; olive-green, brown, or blue-gray.
Fine structure: calyx sides are membrane-like and elevated into sharp walls.
Habitat: wave-exposed areas, 0-50 m.

Porites rus P. rus
Growth form: cylindrical lobes, irregular, or flat plates; blackish-brown with white, yellow, or gray tips.
Fine structure: small, round, shallow calices well separated on the surface.
Habitat: all reef environments, 0-50 m.


Last update: 1/25/2005