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Fishes of Hawai'i

 Family Pomacentridae - damselfishes

Abudefduf abdominalis - Hawaiian sergeant - Kpp wav.gif (916 bytes)

Description: the young are bright yellow with five black bars, as they mature the yellow fades to greenish with black bars and a black dot on caudal peduncle.
Size: to 25.4 cm but usually smaller
Habitat: commonly seen swarming high in the water column and in tidepools.
Diet: omnivorous, eating algae, plankton and anything else they can find

Chromis agilis - Agile chromis
Description: body drab greenish-tan; black spot at the base of the pectoral fin, tail pale (also posterior dorsal & anal)
Size: to 11 cm
Habitat: can be found hovering above reefs, usually found on the leeward side of the islands
Diet: planktivore

Chromis hanui - Chocolate-dip chromis

Description: body brownish; white tail (also posterior dorsal & anal fin)
Size: to 8.5 cm
Habitat: found at the outer edges of reefs and sides of coral heads, from 6 to 160 ft
Diet: planktivore

Chromis ovalis - Oval chromis
Description: uniform bluish to silvery; dorsal fin darker than body, can have blue stripes during breading
Size: to 21 cm
Habitat: hovers over reef while feeding and close to the bottom when protecting eggs
Diet: carnivore: copepods, tunicates, various larve and fish eggs

Chromis vanderbilti - Blackfin chromis

Description: very small, body has greens and yellows, black on anal and lower caudal fin; longitudinal bluish stripes
Size: to 7 cm
Habitat: found around coral heads from 15 ft to 50 ft
Diet: planktivore: primarily copepods

Dascyllus albisella - Hawaiian dascyllus - `lo`ilo`i wav.gif (916 bytes)"Bright and Sparkling"

Description: deep bodied; adults are silver to pale brown with white below mid-dorsal (white area of variable size from spot to stripe); juvenile is black with white coloration
Size: to 12.5 cm
Habitat: adults found in the water column above coral reefs at the deeper depths of 20 to 60 feet; juveniles can be found in sheltered areas
Diet: planktivore: zooplankton (larvae, mysids, copepods, ect.)

Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis - Brighteye damselfish

Description: irridescent eye; small, nervous, pale yellow with greenish undertones
Size: up to 6cm
Habitat: found inshore on rocky coasts, found close to the substratum.
Diet: wide variety of small invertebrates, mainly worms and small crustaceans

Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus - Blue-eye damselfish

Description: bright blue eye; yellowish-green, blackish posteriorly
Size: up to 12.5 cm
Habitat: near live corals
Diet: feeds directly on coral polyps

Stegastes fasciolatus - Pacific gregory
Description: drab gray with orangish-yellow eye; aggressive
Size: usually to 12.5 cm
Habitat: shallow water reef fish, avoids the heavy surges.
Diet: mainly filamentous algae and detritus


Last update: 1/25/2005