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Fishes of Hawai'i

Family Monacanthidae - filefishes

Cantherhines spp. - Filefish - ``ili wav.gif (916 bytes)
Description: lacks ventral spine, gray-brown-yellowish; shy filefish - plain, light colored (C. verecundus); barred filefish - graysih brown with indistinct brown vertical bars on body (C. dumerili)
Size: to 38 cm
Habitat: can be found in pairs, some species endemic to Hawaii
Diet: equipped with powerful jaws and sharp teeth they can often be heard crunching coral and assorted invertebrates
C. verecundus
C. dumerilii

Pervagor spilosoma - Fantail filefish - ``ili `Uw`uw wav.gif (916 bytes)"Squealing ``ili"

Description: dorsal spine above eye; yellow-orangish body with black spots; orange tail with black spots
Size: to 31 cm
Habitat: common in shallow depths to 30 m; abundance varies during year.
Diet: omnivorous: primarily Gastropods, sponges, tunicates, heart urchins, and algae.


Last update: 1/25/2005