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Fishes of Hawai'i

 Family Cirrhitidae - Hawkfishes

Cirrhitus pinnulatus - Stocky hawkfish - Po`opa`a wav.gif (916 bytes)"Hard head"

Description: reddish-brown mottling on body, large, rounded head with big lips
Size: to 28 cm
Habitat: found on rocky shallow areas in the surge zone; commonly seen propped up on pectoral fins
Diet: carnivore: crabs, shrimps, fishes, urchins, and other crustaceans

Paracirrhites arcatus - Arc-eye hawkfish - Piliko`a wav.gif (916 bytes)"Coral clinging"

Description: varying shades of red to brown with or without white horizontal stripe, orange to yellow u-shaped ring behind eye, 3 spots on lower operculum
Size: to 13.5 cm
Habitat: sits on coral heads (commonly Pocillopora meandrina) in shallow areas on the reef flat but can be found at depths of 300 m or more
Diet: carnivore: feeds on small crustaceans (shrimps, crabs) and small fishes and fish eggs

Paracirrhites forsteri - Blackside hawkfish - Hilu Piliko`a wav.gif (916 bytes) "Coral clinging hilu"

Description: head with small reddish spots, black & white bands at posterior
Size: to 18 cm
Habitat: sits on top of coral heads on reef flat
Diet: carnivores: small fishes and shrimps


Last update: 1/25/2005