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Fishes of Hawai'i

 Family Tetraodontidae - puffers 

Arothron meleagris - Spotted puffer - 'o'opu-hue wav.gif (916 bytes)

Description: dark brown body covered with small white spots. Two other color phases occur but are rarely seen: all yellow with dark spots or part yellow part brown with dark or white spots.
Size: to 33 cm
Habitat: found near coral upon which it feeds.
Diet: mostly coral, but also encrusting invertebrates and algae

Canthigaster jactator - Hawaiian whitespotted toby .

Description: small brown fish with bluish white spots and pointed snout; often display a green fluorescence. Usually seen in pairs
Size: to 8 cm
Habitat: found in shallow water
Diet: eats a mixed bag of sponges, algae, detritus, worms, urchins, shrimps, and fishes


Last update: 1/25/2005