Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Marine Invertebrates of Hawai'i

Phylum Arthropoda -- crabs, shrimp, lobsters

Carpilus maculatus - 7-11 crab . 7-11 crab
Description: large, oval crab with large claws and numerous dark red spots
Size: up to 15 cm length
Habitat: wedged in cracks on hard substrates

hermit crabs hermit crab
Description: small crabs living inside of snail shells.
Size: up to 9 cm length
Habitat: on sand and in holes in the reef

Panulirus marginatus - spiny lobster spiny lobster
Description: claw-less, mottled lobster with large antennae
Size: up to 40 cm length
Habitat: under ledges and in caves

Paribaccus antarcticus - brown slipper lobster slipper lobster
Description: mottled, dorso-ventrally flattened lobster with large anterior lobed antennae
Size: up to 20 cm length
Habitat: under ledges and in caves on shallow reef flats

Podophthalmus sp. - swimming crab
Description: crab with sharp claws and flattened rear legs for swimming; eyes on long eye stalks; sharp lateral spines on the carapace
Size: up to 12 cm length.
Habitat: buried in sand in shallow bays

Stenopus hispidus - barber pole shrimp

Barber pole shrimp

Description: red and white banded legs
Size: up to 5 cm length
Habitat: often founds in pairs, in holes and cracks on coral reefs


Last update: 1/25/2005