Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Marine Plants of Hawai'i

Order Cryptonemiales

Grateloupia filicina
Description: this is a soft limp & slippery smooth seaweed with somewhat flattened branches that can be red green brown or almost black. Size and shape vary greatly with either few or many branches
Size: 0.5-5mm wide and 2-30cm long.
Habitat: at zero tide, rocky coastlines and shallow reef flats

Gibsmithsia hawaiiensis
Description: many thick, lose branches forming from a central stipe. Color varies from red to white.
Size: from 3-12 cm
Habitat: most commonly found growing in between branches of corals in waters deeper than 5 m but can be found on reef flats occasionally.

Peysonella rubra  
Description: red to maroon encrusting seaweed calcified on its lower surface. Its edges are free but the bottom remains firmly attached to rubble, dead coral, or other hard surfaces.
Size: covers areas 2-20 cm wide
Habitat: common in most subtidal habitats.
Photograph: Puhi Bay, Hilo Hawai'i. 1996

Portieria hornemanni
Description: produces a distinctive strong odor. Bright red to orange-red and grows 2-6cm high with branches that are rolled inward at the tips
Habitat: found in almost any habitat


Last update: 1/25/2005