Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Marine Plants of Hawai'i

Order Caulerpales

Caulerpa taxifolia
Description: featherlike branches green in color. Appears like Caulerpa sertularioides except branches are flat with angled edges giving a square or rectangular appearance.
Size: 3-15cm tall
Habitat: found in sandy areas of tide pools, and reef flats.

Caulerpa racemosa
Description: looks like small bunches of grapes, light green in color; with horizontal runners which anchors the "grapes" to the substrate.
Size: up to 4cm thick

Halimeda discoidea
Description: dark green outer segments; may have a calcified and whitish center. .
Habitat: found in deeper waters. Dead bits of this alga makes up a large portion of Hawaii's beach sand. Able to anchor in sand as well as on rock

Halimeda opuntia
Description: calcareous green to whitish seaweed; segmented usually with midribs.
Size: 0.5-2cm wide segments, with lengths of 30 cm.
Habitat: found in deeper water between rocks in bunches.


Last update: 1/25/2005