Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Marine Plants of Hawai'i

Order Dictyotales

Dictyoperis australis
Description: brown color with dark spots; flat blades 1-2cm wide with midrib. Produces strong odor.
Size: from 10-40 cm
Habitat: abundant deep water seaweed. found in dense beds at depths of 3-20 meter.

Dictyoperis plagiogramma
Description: similar to D. australis but smaller. Brown with ruffled margins and a midrib.
Size: 5-20 cm high and narrow blades, of 0.5 -1 cm wide
Habitat: on rocky shores at about zero tide level and on reef flats. and outside reef crests in deeper water.

Dictyota acutiloba
Description: flat small twisted blades forming Y pattern and lacks midrib. size varies from 3-20cm and light brown in color.
Habitat: commonly found in tide pools and reef flats and deeper subtidal habitats.

Dictyota sandvicensis
Description: exhibits a yellow green iridescence. Blades of 2-5mm wide lack midribs, branches in a Y pattern.
Size: grows to 12cm high.
Habitat: in tide pools and on reef flats.

Lobophora variegata
Description: flat orange to dark brown seaweed 1-8cm across, grows over rocky substrate attached in only a few places. disk shaped.

Padina australis  
Description: flat blade, with rolled edges, light brown in color and slightly calcified, blades may be split. Attached by single holdfast.
Size: 5-20 cm tall
Habitat: in deep tidepools and on reef flats.
Photograph: Onekahakaha Beach Park, Hilo Hawai'i. 1996

Padina japonica
Description: flat blade rolled into a circle, upper surface is whitish, lower surface brownish. Tends to be smaller then P. australis, with blades not split.

Stypopodium hawaiiensis
Description: beautiful iridescent blue or green color. consists of many flat blades without the in-rolled margin as in the species Padina.
Habitat: on wave swept beaches and reef flats, brightly colored so is noticeable.


Last update: 1/25/2005