Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Marine Plants of Hawai'i

Order Siphonocladales

Dictyosphaeria cavernosa
Description: commonly known as the "Green Bubble Alga" due to the large round cells. When small the thallus is a hollow sphere, when larger the sphere may burst becoming convoluted and cup shaped. The seaweed is grass green in color and can form extensive mats over the reefs surface
Size: 1-10cm thick.

Dictyosphaeria versluysii


Description: has bubble-like cells, but is completely solid in middle and always remains rounded. Grass green in color, but sometimes bluish-green in color.
Size: 1-2 cm high and 1-5 cm wide.
Habitat: commonly found on reef flats and tidepools.
Photograph: Richardson's Beach Park, Hilo Hawai'i. 1996

Microdictyon japonicum
Description: M. japonicum is a single flattened blade consisting of a meshwork of fine connecting branches. It is grass-green in color.
Size: from 1 to 6cm wide and 1 to 4 cm high.
Habitat: low intertidal areas of rocky coastlines, on flat reefs, and in between the branches of corals at deeper depths.


Last update: 1/25/2005