Hawai'i Coral Reef Network

Hawai'i Coral Reef Network helps to install Pin Moorings at Pu'u Olai, 
one of Maui's most popular scuba-diving and snorkeling sites

See front page story in the April 11 issue of  Maui News

Doug Stewart uses a pneumatic drill attached to a lift bag and 100 feet of hose in about 40 feet of water off Pu'u Olai. The hole was filled with a stainless steel pin and concrete during Sunday's operation. A mooring buoy will be attached to the pin so dive and snorkel boats don't risk damaging coral with anchors and anchor chains. Photo by Carrie Robertson

Skippy Hau (left) of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources talks to Rich Wilson of the Coral Reef Network in between dives at Pu'u Olai. A pneumatic drill used to make holes in the seabed for moorings lies at Wilson's feet. Photo by Carrie Robertson

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Last update: 1/25/2005