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Important Ocean Information for Hawai'i

A. Hawai'i sites

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B. Global links


Education & Conservation:

  • Action Atlas: Coral reefs: from Mother Jones interactive news
  • Coral and coral reefs: questions and answers about reefs from Sea World
  • Coral Forest: educates and activates the public about the global threat to coral reefs.
  • Coral paleoclimatology: questions of modern climate variability and the uses of corals to understand past climate
  • new2.gif (111 bytes) Coral Realm: an exciting marine life education resource
  • Coral Reef Alliance 
    This organization addresses the worldwide problem of coral reef destruction by focusing on educating divers and the general public about the problems facing coral reefs. They also provide funding and technical support for coral reef conservation around the world

  • Coral Reef Ecology Home Page: coral biology & ecology
  • Coral reef fishes
  • Coral reefs and mangroves of the world
    The web site includes a world map showing the distribution of coral reefs and mangroves. Linked to this are maps showing both coral reefs
    and mangroves for a number of countries, generated from the global reef database. The site also includes educational texts and photographs.
  • Coral Spawning: from the University of Guam Marine Laboratory
  • Marine Aquarium Council: The goal of MAC is to ensure a sustainable future for the marine aquarium industry, organisms and habitat through market incentives that encourage and support quality and sustainable practices.
  • Marine fish catalog: indexes over 200 species of marine fish
  • Reef education network: a wonderful site with tons of information
  • ReefKeeper International: dedicated to the worldwide protection of coral reefs
  • REEFNET: an Internet information service designed to increase the understanding of coral reef ecosystems world wide
  • Save our coral reefs: ten easy steps to save coral reefs




  • Coral reef non-governmental organization directory
    The NGOs profiled in this Directory offer hope for slowing down and reversing the worldwide trend of coral reef degradation. The International Coral Reef NGO Directory highlights the innovative and solution-oriented actions of NGOs who are committed to improving the prognosis for coral reefs and averting the serious consequences destruction of reefs has for marine life and humans alike
  • Coralline algal website 
  • Diseases of coral reef organisms 
  • Environmental organization web directory
    Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory! is dedicated to helping others keep in touch and informed on the World Wide Web. With thousands of sites, it is the largest exclusively environmental organization directory on the Web and includes sites from over 100 countries.
  • Fishbase
    FishBase is a global information system with all you ever wanted to know about fishes. FishBase is a relational database with fish information to cater to different professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists and many more.
  • International Biodiversity Observation Year (2001)
    The purpose of IBOY  is to raise public awareness about the consequences of the loss of biodiversity and to further advance scientific understanding of biodiversity issues. The initiative intends to enhance the longer-term goals of the DIVERSITAS program through the advancement of existing projects as well as the establishment of new short-term projects.
  • International Year of the Reef (1997)
    Concern about the state of the world's reefs has inspired scientists and environmental groups to declare this year "The International Year of the Reef". They have accepted the following challenges: to plan and execute major programs of public education and outreach about coral reefs and coral reef destruction; to assess the conditions of coral reefs worldwide; to work with local communities and reef managers to develop and implement plans for the sustainable use of irreplaceable reef resources.
  • International Year of the Ocean (1998)
    1998's sequel to the year of the reef. The major aim will be to create awareness and obtain commitments from governments to take action, provide adequate resources and give the priority to the ocean and coastal areas which they deserve as finite-sized economical assets.
  • Reefbase
    ReefBase is a database on coral reefs and their resources. Designed as a repository of available information on coral reefs, ReefBase presents this information through user friendly software on a CD-ROM. ReefBase has been created for scientists, academicians, students, resource managers in government and private institutions, divers and other coral reef enthusiasts.
  •   Sea links
    A comprehensive index to marine life web sites from around the world. Area covered include marine life, invertebrates, marine mammals, marine conservation, sea shells/conchology, marine research, museums & aquariums, aquarium publications, marine artwork, home aquariums, clubs & societies and diving links.


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