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Puako, Hawai'i 

Main Reef

Main reefThe spectacular main reef at Puako extends seaward approximately 100 meters from the reef flat drop off. Average depth is about 6-12 meters, with the reef sloping sharply down in many areas at its outer edge to a depth of 15-30 m, where sand is encountered. Finger (Porites compressa) and lobe coral cover most of the bottom, interspersed with patches of white coral sand. Other common invertebrates include slate pencil urchins (Heterocentrotus mammillatus), Christmas tree worms (Spirobranchus gigantea), and black sea cucumbers. Common reef fishes include many species of butterfly fishes (Chaetodon), domino damselfish (Dasyllus albisella), and roving schools of black durgeons (Melicthyes niger).



Last update: 1/25/2005