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Puako, Hawai'i 


Collecting dataScientific research at Puako has been conducted by students and faculty from the University of Hawai'i since the early 1970's. Since 1991, students from the University of Hawai'i at Hilo have conducted annual surveys of the corals, mobile invertebrates, and fishes as a part of an ecological monitoring course called QUEST . The QUEST design involves collecting samples from two 50 meter transects in each of three areas: the reef flat, on the main reef at 8 m depth, and on the main reef at 10 m depth.

In addition, temperature variation is monitored at 4 depths on the reef using in situ, waterproof loggers. Starting in March 1997, loggers were placed at 6, 13, and 30 m depths. In May an additional logger was placed at 50m depth. Data is taken at 30 minute intervals and is accurate to within ± 1 șC.

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Last update: 1/25/2005