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Fishes of Hawai'i 

Family Scorpaenidae

Scorpaena spp. - Scorpionfish - Nohu wav.gif (916 bytes)"Sand burn"
Description: large head, body cirri common, bottom of pectoral fin can be brightly colored
Size: largest at 50cm
Habitat: rocky areas near reefs
Diet: omnivorous but usually small crustaceans as well as algae

petro.gif (2012 bytes) Hawaiian Uses

Scorpaenopsis spp. - Scorpionfish - Nohu `Omakaha wav.gif (916 bytes)

Description: deep bodied, dorsal "hump," sometimes, pectoral axis brightly colored
Size: largest found at 50cm
Habitat: rocky reef zones
Diet: omnivorous but mainly small crustaceans and algae


Last update: 1/25/2005