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Mahukona, Hawai'i 

Special Features

Mahukona offers a wide diversity of attractions. Immediately offshore from the entry in 15-20 feet of water are the remains of the SS Kauai, which sank in 1907(?). Numerous fish swarm around the boiler, engine, propeller shaft and propeller, which lie on sand intermixed with coral. In addition, a long chain which was used to moor ships near the old port can also be explored.

As you move offshore away from the wreck you can skirt the edge of the reef which offers stunning contrasts between white coral sand and large, colorful coral colonies. The relief is high here and there are many small caves and overhangs which can be explored.

Lizardfish (Synodus spp.) are common on the sand, often sitting in pairs, waiting for small fish to cruise by. Sea cucumbers are also abundant in these areas. During the winter these sandy areas can be quite murky when runoff from the small stream near the harbor entrance flows into the bay.

On the reef invertebrates are abundant and this is one of the few areas that consistently has a few Crown-of-Thorn Seastars (Acanthaster planci).




Last update: 1/25/2005