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Kahalu'u, Hawai'i 


WHEA student collecting data at Kahalu'u Research at Kahalu'u is a natural because it so accessible and teeming with marine life. Nevertheless, formal research projects are just beginning by the West Hawai'i Exploratory Academy (WHEA), an innovative High School program working out of the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawai'i. WHEA began formal reef studies in Dec. 1996 in conjunction with the Hawai'i Sea Grant Extension Program (Sara Peck) and the University of Hawaii at Hilo Kalakaua Marine Education Center (Brian Tissot).
The WHEA design involves collecting samples from two 50 meter transects at 1-3 m depths. The focus is on coral abundance and common reef fishes, especially butterflyfishes.
Sara Peck (in pink wetsuit) and WHEA student monitoring reef


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