Monitoring and Assessment Methods

Methods for monitoring and assessing changes in the coral reef community are critical towards developing effective management strategies for coral reefs. Listed below are links or Network postings on most of the major sampling protocols used by various research programs throughout the world.

Method Source
CRAMP Protocol Hawai'i Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (CRAMP)
Crown- of-thorns starfish and coral surveys using the manta tow and scuba search techniques Australia Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Reef Monitoring Research
Fish Survey Project Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF
Guidelines, Handbooks and Tools for Coral Reef Management Sue Wells, World Wildlife Fund  International
Indicator Species Workshop Michael Crosby (NOAA) & Ernst Reese (U. of Hawai'i)
West Hawai'i Aquarium Project Fish Monitoring Protocol West Hawai'i Aquarium Project (WHAP)
Methods Manual for Coral Reef Communities Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP)
PointCount for Coral Reefs Phillip Dustan, U. of Charleston (CRMP)
Protocols for Coral Reef Monitoring Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN)
QUEST Survey Protocol QUEST, Marine Option Program, U. of Hawai'i
Rapid Assessment Protocol Atlantic and Gulf Reef Assessment (AGRRA)
Reef Check Core Methods Reef Check
Vitareef Program Phillip Dustan, U. of Charleston (CRMP)